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The European Solution - ROOFCOLLECT®

ROOFCOLLECT® is the European solution for the collecting and recycling of end-of-life thermoplastic roofing and waterproofing membranes under the umbrella of ESWA, the European Single ply Waterproofing Association. Thermoplastic roofing and waterproofing membranes are perfectly suited for recycling after years of service.

ESWA's mission is to represent and promote the interests of the plastics flat roofing industry. We are the voice vis-à-vis the European institutions. We want to promote innovative and safer solutions from manufacture to application whilst providing optimum economic and environmental benefits to our customers. Every company within the ESWA association stands for quality. A Technical Committee supported by all members provides guidance and participates in the European and National Standardisation Boards that may influence our high standards. It also manages specific tasks such as Environmental Product Declarations and Fire Issues. The waterproofing systems of the Members are able to withstand the highest stresses in building constructions.

ESWA is partner of VinylPlus sustainable development programme of the PVC industry which brings together the total PVC value chain. VinylPlus is the even more ambitious continuation of the successful Vinyl 2010 Voluntary Commitment of the Industry. In addition to a Quantum Leap in recycled volumes the programme is based on 5 sustainability pillars such as the safe use of additives and emission reductions. With our ROOFCOLLECT® recycling system we subscribe to the VinylPlus targets, help to finance recycling operations and to achieve the ambitious targets of the Voluntary Commitment of our industry.

Koichi Oba
President ESWA

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Marketing & design crucial for advancing circularity of plastics

Plastics Recyclers Annual Meeting 2017 | 15 & 16 June 2017 | Barcelona

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ESWA elects a new President

ESWA, the European Single ply Waterproofing Association, elected Koichi Oba as President at their last General Assembly on 9 May 2017 – exceptionally in Germany as for the farewell of the past President.

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VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2017: Towards Circular Economy

The PVC industry is making real progress towards sustainability and a positive contribution to the circular economy through a united industry approach, delegates heard at the 5th VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

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EuPC and ANAIP stage Annual Meeting June 2017 together

Collaboration of European and Spanish Plastic Converter Associations

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Plastics Applications in the State of Hesse:
Trends, Innovations, Sustainability – event organised by
PlasticsEurope and HessenChemie on 8 February 2017

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VinylPlus announces exciting expert speaker line-up
for VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2017

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The Plastics Strategy of the EU Commission:
an opportunity to build on more than 15 years
of recycling success by PVC industry

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BAU took place from January 16 to 21, 2017
Munich Trade Fair Center

ESWA members presented a broad spectrum of new products in roofing and waterproofing

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Progress Report 2017

PVC Recycling Technologies

This brochure outlines the context and opportunities for recycling in Europe, as well as some of the challenges and solutions for extending the recycling of waste PVC. The emphasis is on the emerging PVC recycling technologies that can access the 'more difficult to recycle' waste streams.

Closing the loop with PVC

This brochure is a non-exhaustive selection of best practice examples of a PVC circular economy in the framework of the VinylPlus programme showing that we don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the walk.